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Yuletide Letter!
Stranger than Fiction
Dear Yuletide Writer:

Hello! This is only my second foray into the wild glories of Yuletide, but I'm very excited. My prompts are pretty general, and you'll find I'm easily pleased. Basically, I just need more when it comes to these particular fandoms.


1. Matthew Swift series by Kate Griffin - Matthew Swift, Dana Mikeda
On the sign-up sheet I wrote, "I'd love to know more about Matthew and Dana's relationship - whatever it may have been - but basically, I just need more Matthew Swift in my life." After the first book, I desperately wanted to know more about Matthew and Dana - he mentioned her so often, without really telling us anything beyond how they met and that she was his student - and then we didn't know her long enough to learn much more about them. I'd love to see that explored - it doesn't have to be romantic, but it certainly can be.

But then, anything involving Matthew will be amazing. You can even leave Dana out if she's cramping your style. I'm desperate for anything in this fandom, so give me whatever you've got. :)

2. Foyle's War - Christopher Foyle
This request is very similar to my Matthew Swift request: I'm desperate to know more about Foyle and Rosalind - how they met, what their life was like, how she died, anything - but basically, I just love this show and this character so much that I will take whatever you've got. A glimpse into Foyle's past would be awesome. So would a day-in-the-life of the Hastings police force, or a full-blown mystery, or something that focuses on the effects of the war. Sam and Paul are very, very welcome additions. I adore everything about this show; you can do no wrong.

3. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen - Catherine Morland, Henry Tilney
This is my sugar-sweet request. This book (and the BBC television adaptation starring J.J. Feild and Felicity Jones) delights me to no end, and I just want it to keep going. What happens between the proposal and the wedding? Or after the wedding? What does their life look like? This can be sexy, or fluffy, or ridiculous - any and all. Just a coda to the story.

I read fanfiction because I love the characters of a fandom and want to spend more time with them. I love great dialogue, humor, gut-wrenching angst. I also go to fanfiction for shipping needs, so I don't mind if things get a little sexy. Not to the point of smut or explicit ratings, but you're safe with anything up to a mid-R rating.

As for dislikes, I'm not a fan of slash or femslash (unless it's canon) or most non-canon pairings (though there are exceptions; for request-applicable-instance, Milner/Sam makes me happy). Though every now and then a crossover or AU can rock my world, for the most part they don't work for me. I'm a very boring, straightforward, canon kind of girl. The canon is what I love about the show in the first place, so I don't generally feel the need to change it.

I do love fill-in-the-gap stories that tackle backstory or plot holes or speculate about the future, however. It's probably my favorite aspect of fanfiction - the ability to explore the world that's been set up.

Well, hopefully that's neither too little or too much information. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Whatever it is, I know I'll be thrilled.

Thank you!

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